Why Choose Kepler?

Kepler College received its training in how to teach astrological studies from 12 years in the stringent world of academia and government regulations. We took the lessons in excellence from that experience and translated them to provide our current educational program for everyone who is serious about their astrological development. 

Today we have three types of offerings available for anyone with an Internet connection:

1. Community Webinars (our gift back to the astrological community). We invite astrologers with a variety of backgrounds to present one or two donation-supported online webinars each month. Everyone who signs up, whether or not they can attend the webinar, receives a copy of the recording;

2. Workshops for Continuing Education. These are short workshops (from 2 to 24 hours of lecture) for astrologers who want to continue their education and build new skills; and

3. Courses for Certificates and Professional Diploma in Astrology. These offerings consist of intensive in-depth courses for astrologers who want a structured educational environment. Students will have an online course website, assignments, regular live online meetings and lots of feedback to ensure that they can use what they have learned. Courses are either 5 or 10 weeks in length. Students spend at least 8-10 hours per week on the material presented.

The Certificate and Diploma program introduces students to a variety of astrological approaches and techniques. This way students can expand their choices and find where their passion for astrology truly lies. In addition, students will have multiple teachers through their courses, giving them the opportunity to ask questions about how different astrologers approach their practice.

Along with their courses, students in the Certificate and Diploma Program will have access to an online library, a student resources section and the ability to form their own support groups as they develop their skills, as well as classes and support for establishing their own astrological business.

About Us

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Kepler College started in 1992 as wild dream by astrologers seeking to create a unique educational institution for astrological studies. It first opened in 2000 as an academic college authorized by the State of Washington to grant degrees. After the economic downturn of 2008, the academic side closed down - but our goal of bringing together the best instructors from different branches of astrology to build a superb online environment for astrological education remains! 

Kepler also has one of the largest astrological libraries in the Pacific NW just a few miles north of Seattle, WA.  

Whether online or in person - we hope you will visit us!

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